• Behavior Policy

    All teachers will follow the same 7 Step PolicyThis will be the basis for your child’s conduct grade.  Conduct does count toward a grade this year! 


            7 Step Policy

    • Nonverbal Warning – eye contact
    • Verbal Warning
    • Close proximity to teacher
    • Redirect behavior & a note home
    • Time out - IN classroom
    • Time out - OUT of classroom to another classroom ( 5 minutes)
    • Office Referral


    Homework Policy

    Homework will be sent home nightly stapled to students' agenda. All homework is done on one sheet of paper on each night. Your child will get 25 points per day (Mon-Thurs) which will be calculated into a weekly grade for homework completion on Thursday. Each day no submission of homework,-25 points will be deducted upon each occurrence. Parents are to view and provide assistance with child's homework and sign in the agenda indicating that your child had completed homework.