Kindergarten Online Lessons 2020

Kindergarten Online Music Lessons

  • Please check this webpage regularly for updates to the online music lessons for kindergarten.



    Lesson #1 (This will be review for some of you)


    • Listen to one of the following song books several times. 
    • Your goal is to be able to sing along with it.


    • If this seems too easy for you,  go to Level 2 by clicking on the settings button on the right and speeding it up by one step etc..


    • Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to share your experience by emailing me at .  Please include your first and last name and your teacher's name.


    Lesson #2


    Sing "Here We Work Together" to someone.  It can be on the phone, a family memeber or even a stuffed animal.


    Listen to Zimbole.  It's a song from Africa.  We think Zimbole means peace.  Play it several times until you can sing along with it or do the body percussion or both.

    You can also make your own body percussion.