• Code of Student Conduct and School and Discipline

       Attendance Policy
      Rule 10 
      Students who are absent from school are required to bring a written excuse for the absence their first day back at school.  
      Absence(s): Definitions
      Excused Absence 
           A. Personal illness.
           B. Family death and funeral.
           C. Medical or dental appointments that cannot be scheduled outside school hours.
           D. Attendance of non-school activities or functions authorized by the Superintendent or designee. 
           E. Special and recognized religious holidays observed by the student's faith.
           F. Mandate or order of government agency.
          G. Extreme circumstances that cannot be resolved outside school hours; parent or guardian must request and receive approval from the Principal or designated representative.
          H. Any other absence not explicitly defined herein, but deemed by the local school board of education to have merit based on the circumstances.  
      Unexcused Absence 
      Any absence not covered in (A)-(G) above, shall be declared unexcused. It is the policy of the Richmond County Board of Education that no unexcused absences are allowed.
      If parents keep their child out for other reasons outside of (A)-(G), such absence shall be deemed unlawful and therefore unexcused.
      For any absence beyond (or after ) 5, the parent shall be required to provide an official physician's note or an other excuse from an acceptable or official third party justifying the absence.
      Truant is defined as any child who has more than 5 days of unexcused absences during the academic year.
      Full School Day
      For a student to be marked present for a full school day, a student must be in attendance for a one half or more of the school day (or at least half of the school day). However, a student will not be recognized for perfect attendance after (10) tardies.
      Full Day Attendance Required 
      A student who wishes to leave school early must bring a written request to school stating the reason for early dismissal. Leaving school for unauthorized purposes before the end of the instructional (or school) day will be counted as a tardy. Parents should not pick up students before the end of the school day except where there is a legitimate emergency.  
      (For more detailed attendance information, please see pgs. 10-13 in the official Code of Student Conduct and Discipline Handbook)