• Welcome to 3rd grade and the 2022-2023 school year! This syllabus is provided to give you an overview of what students will learn this year. Classroom instruction is based upon the RCK12 curriculum and the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). The GSE outlines what students are expected to know and do at each grade level. In April, all third graders will take the Georgia Milestones End of Grade assessment in ELA and Math.


    Major Course Goals for Core Subjects                                                                                                                    

    English Language Arts

    • Foundational Skills: All students will participate in the Wilson Language Fundations program for phonics and word study.
    • Fluency:  Students will apply advanced phonics skills to independently read a variety of types of grade level texts at an appropriate rate and expression.
    • Comprehension: Students will develop the ability to demonstrate an understanding of what they read by answering questions about texts, comparing and contrasting ideas, explaining the moral of a story, etc.
    • Writing: Students will write in response to what they read, and write narratives, opinion pieces, and informational reports.


    The  iReady Classroom Mathematics program will be utilized as teachers focus on the following critical areas as described by GA Dept. of Education.

    • Developing understanding of multiplication and division and strategies for multiplication and division within 100
    • Developing understanding of fractions, especially unit fractions (fractions with numerator 1)
    • Developing understanding of the structure of rectangular arrays and of area
    • Describing and analyzing two-dimensional shapes


    • Units of study: Georgia Habitats, Adaptations, and Environment; Pollution; Rocks, Minerals and Soils; Fossils; Heat
    • All students will be required to complete either a Science Fair Project or an Engineering project

    Social Studies

    • Units of study: United States Geography; American Indians Past and Present; Let’s Go Exploring; British Colonial America; American Government Basics; and Economics

    Special Subjects

    Third grade students attend “Specials” each day for 40 minutes. They receive instruction one day per week in the following five areas: Music, Physical Education, STEM science, STEM math & engineering, and Technology (computers).

    Assessment and Grading

    All Richmond County School System Third grades use a standards-based grading system. This means that student work will be compared to the appropriate standard from the GSE, and the student rating will be based upon how much of the standard has been met. There are four levels: 1) Beginner, 2) Developing, 3) Proficient, 4) Distinguished. The target is Level 3. Note that Level 4 is given only when the student’s work goes beyond third grade level expectation. Unlike traditional grades, scores are not just averaged together. Scores are reported according to the student’s most recent and most consistent performance.

    Classroom Expectations

    All students are expected to attend school regularly and abide by all the rules in the Student Code of Conduct. They are expected to work respectfully with peers and adults and put forth their best efforts.

    Extra Help

    There is a large amount of academic support in place for third grade students. All students receive Tier One instruction at grade level. Students also receive Tier Two instruction in small groups according to their needs (for example, reading groups) and personalized instruction on the computer through the i-ready program. Students that are selected for the Early Intervention Program will receive additional instruction in Reading and Math to help them reach grade level. For those students that have been identified with special needs, Special Education teachers (and/or paraprofessionals) will provide support as outlined in the student’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan). Additionally, students that have been identified as gifted will participate in the ACE program.


    Students will generally be assigned homework Mondays-Thursdays and it should take about 30 minutes to complete. Students will also be expected to read at their own level and complete the reading log. Homework is an opportunity for students to practice the skills that they are learning in class and to demonstrate responsibility for their learning. Occasionally, students will be assigned special projects that will require additional time and some work over weekends. However, you will have plenty of notice of due dates.

    Contacting the Teacher

    For face-to-face conferences with the teacher, please make an appointment. The teacher's planning time is from 10:30-11:10 and after dismissal duty. Much of this time is already scheduled for trainings and meetings. The school phone number is (706) 796-4918. Teachers will return phone calls as soon as possible. For faster responses, please contact teachers via email or Class Dojo. If you have not yet connected to Class Dojo and need instructions, please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible. Third grade teachers’ emails are listed below:

    Ms. Barnes:  barnesh1@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

    Dr. Newman:  newmade@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

    Ms. Scrivin: scrivni@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

    Mrs. Washington: washima1@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us