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    Time to gather your library
    books and textbooks!
    See the HMS homepage for information
    about when and how to return materials.

    If you need to check on library materials & textbooks that a student has 
    checked out, 
    access Follett Destiny through LaunchPad, and click on "MyInfo."

    No access to a library doesn't mean
    no access to books!

    Click on the left side tabs "Read Online:  MackinVia and Destiny!" 
    and "More Online Reading, Listening, & Viewing Resources"
    for information about free-of-charge digital and audio books, and videos!

    New sites and information are added
    periodically, so keep checking back!

    If you're having trouble logging on to Mackinvia or Destiny, visit the Media Center,
    or contact JohnsDi@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us for assistance.


    Be sure to also look at
    "Distance Learning Activities and Projects"

    for fun and interesting education activities!

    New information and sites are added
    periodically, so keep checking back.



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    Our Mission

    The HMS Media Center endeavors to provide a welcoming environment for students and faculty where academic research, and the pursuit of ideas and interests, can be engaged in with efficiency and access to current and motivating materials.  In so doing, we aspire to strengthen the belief that the pursuit of knowledge is a life-long endeavor, leading to more enjoyment and productivity in life.