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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. LaTreal A Strickland

Ms. Strickland has been an accomplished middle school individual and society and science years. Having taught sixth grade social studies and science, she is able to effectively interact with a diverse population of students at a variety of academic levels, by making use of her own fun and unique style of teaching.From an early age, LaTreal has always loved to teach and started out as a 3rd grade teacher but decided that she wanted to be apart of childrens lives in one of the most difficult parts of their lives. She initially worked in the business sector in training and development. She then decided to turn to teaching as it is still a very big part of training and development, and already having an amazing relationship with her cheerleaders, she wanted to have that connection with even more students. She has obtained a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and also an MBA with a concentration on training and development. She has spent many years tutoring students both after school as well as well as privately, especially for grades k through adulthood. Her main focus being elementary and middle school specializations. She currently teaches sixth grade social studies and science, where she continues to prepare students to be successful in understanding their individual learning styles.