7th Grade ~ Social Studies

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! You have much to look forward to as you begin your 7th grade journey at HMS.


    Your team of teachers work together and share the responsibility for teaching the curriculum in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science.


    All of us are thrilled that you have chosen HMS, and we will work hard to create a powerful, positive, and productive learning year.


    Seventh grade is the second year of a two-year World Area Studies course. Seventh grade students study Africa and Asia.


    The goal of this two-year course is to acquaint middle school students with the world in which they live. The geography domain includes both physical and human geography.


    The intent of the geography domain is for students to begin to grasp the importance geography plays in their everyday lives. The government/civics domain focuses on selected types of government found in the various areas in order to help students begin to understand the variety of governments in the world.


    The economics domain builds on the K-5 economics standards; however, the focus shifts from the United States to how other countries answer the basic questions of economics. The history domain focuses primarily on significant events in each region from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.



    Your child was given a detailed list of supplies that would be ideal to assist your student this year. (Please see HMS website).


    Students will use all these supplies at some point throughout the year; and, therefore, it’s ideal for each student to have them.

    Daily, it’s most helpful that students bring at least the following materials:

    • Sharpened pencils, blue or black pens, and a red pen
    • Some system to keep papers organized. We suggest one team binder (1-2 inches) OR an expandable file with dividers OR a folder for each class.
    • College-ruled paper
    • Set of colored pencils (12-pack, sharpened)
    • Composition notebooks (2)
    • College-ruled spiral 9x12 notebook able to fit a 9x11 inch sheet of paper (2)


    If you would like to contribute any extra supplies, the following would be greatly appreciated:

    • college-ruled paper
    • white copy paper
    • colored copy paper
    • pencils
    • red pens
    • low odor Expo markers
    • colored pencils
    • Sharpies
    • glue sticks
    • tissue

    With passionate and diligent teachers, hard-working and tenacious students, and actively involved and supportive parents, the year ahead is sure to be a success!

       Best Regards,

    Mrs. Jennifer C. Lee, M.Ed 7th Grade Social Studies