• Welcome to Hephzibah Middle School 7th grade!!!  I hope everyone had a great summer!!  I am so excited about the school year.  This year I will be teaching Science and Social Studies.  We will learnLife Science, and explore Cells,Body,Systems, Classifications, DNA, and Biomes.  With that in both subjects we will also learn how to use a Frayer Model with vocabulary and R.A.C.E (writing).  In addition, my students will be exposed to different social domains-geography, history, government, and economics!!  I know you may be thinking yuck, right :).  However, I think you will enjoy it!!  New generation changing the world!!  Bigger, Better, and Brighter!!  Thank you so much for visiting my webpage.    



    Mrs. J. Lee

    Hephzibah Middle School

    7th Grade- Social Studies & Science

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    Jennifer C. Lee, M.Ed

    7th Grade Social Studies/ Science Teacher

    Hephizbah Middle School