• Welcome to Bayvale Elementary School!


    It is with great enthusiam and appreciation that I continue to serve the Bayvale Elementary Community as member of it's leadership team!  I could not be more pleased to be united with such an enthusiastic community of individuals who are committed to nuturing and educating young children.  We strive daily to provide a safe, scholarly and thriving learning environment that your child will want to return to day after day. Our teachers are held to the highest standards of teaching and professional learning so that your child is the recipient of a quality education which will prepare them for the competitive society in which we live.  


    At Bayvale, a spirit of enthusiastic regard for one's peers and colleagues exists among students, staff and teachers.  There are many activities and incentive programs your child can engage at Bayvale to ensure that a well rounded learning experience is achieved and cultivated for each student.  Staff and and students are ecouraged to develop and exude the highest morals and standards of character as they interact with one another.  Moreover, the Bayvale community is extremely intentional about sounding the alarm when there is good news to share with the Bayvale family, and therefore sustaining the culture of excellence.  


    We are off to a great start at Bayvale and we need and solicit your partnership to continue.  Please do not hesitate to make us aware of your concerns and let us know how we are doing with your children.  We like to hear from you!


    With great enthusiam, 


    Dr. Judith Jones


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