• Welcome to LaunchPad (ClassLink)! 


LaunchPad Announcements

  • LaunchPad is our Single Sign On service.  It is designed to make it easier for students and teachers to access our software applications with a username and password.  No more logging in to multiple applications!  


    Over the Winter Break Edgenuity and iready will be integrated with LaunchPad. 


    This will require some maintenace work.  Please be aware that you may experience some downtime associated with the neccessary maintance. 

    The maintenace will occur on December 26th-27th. 

    After December 28th, all users MUST use LaunchPad to access these applications.  



    You can access LaunchPad through the desktop application (if you are on the district's network) or at https://launchpad.classlink.com/rcboe if you are at home.