2023-2024 School Year



I-Ready Diagnostic testing for the beginning of the year (BOY) will begin the week of August 14th. Once we have a schedule and students have been tested for both Math and Reading, and I have had the chance to look at all data, I will begin scheduling conferences with parents to go over the results and begin making a plan of intervention for each student.


Students will have the chance to work on their individual lesson in class throughout the week once computers are assigned and we begin working with them. There will be a schedule for taking the laptops home as part of homework and for Asynchronous Learning Days. We will not be taking them home daily though and not on weekends unless it falls around the time of an Asynchronous Learning day.  Information will be sent home if this happens.


Please make sure that students are working on iReady Reading and Math lessons daily if they have wifi access and a computer at home. The lessons that have been individually assigned to your child, are based on weaknesses found during the Diagnostic testing throughout the school year and changed according to the results of quizzes given by iReady during the lessons your child completes. Encourage your child to do their best each and every time they go into a new lesson as these lessons with help strengthen their Reading and Math skills.