• Mrs. Roberson’s Reading Syllabus
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    “Every child should have a caring adult in their lives. And that's not always a biological parent or family member. It may be a friend or neighbor. Often times it is a teacher”. Joe Manchin
    Welcome to 6,7and 8th grade reading class! I have an exciting and rigorous curriculum for this school year, and looking forward to a fantastic year and hope that students will not only learn to really enjoy reading but will also be prepared for future ELA classes. I believe that through encouragement, support, and fun, by both parents and teacher reading class will successfully educate and hopefully inspire our young students to achieve more than we can ever imagine.
    Classroom Rules
    1) Be seated with all materials and supplies when class begins.
    2) Complete all assignments on time.
    3) Listen while others are speaking.
    4) Respect each other’s opinions, space, and belongings.
    5) Keep your hands to yourself.
    Discipline Plan
    If a student breaks a rule stated above, the following consequences will occur:
    1) Verbal reminder
    2) Contact parents
    3) Referral to the Front Office for ISS or OSS.
    4) Student meets with teacher and parents.
    5) Behavior Intervention Plan.
    Daily Routines
     The daily objectives and learning targets will be displayed each school day i.e. (Opening, Work Session, Essential Questions, and Closing).
     Each week Vocabulary Words will be giving on Monday.
     Writing-to-Win and Intervention activities will consume 30 minutes of instructional time every Tuesday and Thursday.
     Lesson Plan (Work Session (Explore, Explain, Elaborate)
     Formative assessment
    Grade Breakdown and Policy
    Grades are broken down into three categories:
     Class Participation – 35%
     Daily Work – 35%
     Assessments – 30%
    Grading Scale:
    A+ to A- = 100% – 91%
    B+ to B- = 90% – 81%
    C+ to C- = 80% – 71%
    D+ to D- = 70% - 65%
    F = Below 65%
    *During an excused absence (ex. illness, travel), that student is allowed the number of days absent in order to make-up work.
    *During an unexcused absence (ex. suspension, truancy), assignments are due the day the student returns to class.
    Parent(s) and Guardian(s):
    Please discuss this syllabus with your child, then sign and date below. In addition, please sign your child’s assignment notebook everyday as a tool of communication with the Math teacher and to familiarize yourself with the routine of our Math class.
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    Child’s Name Grade
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    Student Signature Date
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    Parent(s)/Guardian Signature Date