• In an ideal world, everyone has a quiet place and free time to read or be read to. Everyone has a fully stocked, clean, relaxing place to do homework.   For those of us who do not, here are some suggestions.  


    Choose a time and a place to do your homework and make a habit of using this place all of the time.  Store extra pencils and paper there just incase you need it.  Straighten the area up when you are done and remember to pack finished assignments in your bookbag for the next day. 


    * Use your live-in siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles as reading buddies.  Play school and give test to see if they were following the story. 


    Always be ready to read:  Parents or siblings have appointments, take a book.

    Ball practice delayed, read a book, write a story.



    Read every night for at least 20 minutes.   Reader's Choice!



    We have added a Vocabulary Board to our daily plan.  Students will be given their Vocabulary words on Fridays and will have a full seven days to complete  class work that is designed to help them learn to spell, define and use the words correctly.