Discipline Policy

  • In an effort to be fair, there have to be rules.   But, rules without consequences are just suggestions.  In my class, students benefit from appropriate behavior.  They learn more, they experience more, they appreciate more.  Everyone deserves more!  Therefore, there have to be repercussions for those students who do not abide by the rules.

    Class rules: Wait your turn when in a class or group discussion.

              Keep up with your materials, and only use anyone else’s with permission.

              Keep your work area neat and orderly

              Stay in your seat or assigned area

              First do the assigned work and then any make up work

              Participate in the lesson being taught

              Obey all school rules when outside the classroom                              

    Each student starts the week with 100 points for Great behavior.  Most students end the week with those 100 points, some even earn bonus points.    Below is a list of the ways points are deducted each day.

    Please note that points are only deducted after a student has been reminded that they are breaking a rule.  Points are deducted 5 points at a time and all are tabulated at the end of the week for a conduct grade.

    _____ talking   _______ neatness around your desk ______ out of area  

    _____ not being ready to work   ______being off task  ______ loud in the hall  ________ disturbing the class.


    Parents, for your convience, parent/ teacher conferences will now be held on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings before instruction time.  If there is a need for a conference please send a note or email me and I will set up a time.