• Syllabus

    Syllabus: K, 1st

    Ms. T. Alexander

     Class Schedule

    Students will attend class according to their Individual Education Plan (IEP).


    Inclusion- This is when the teacher assigned to the students assists them in the general education class to provide extra help with instruction.  

    Resource- This is done when the Special Education teacher takes the students to his/her classroom for small group instruction in the areas of need according to the IEP.

    Please note that students will participate in school specials (Writing, Music, PE) and other activities with homeroom and grade level peers.


    Class Agreements

    1. Quiet Mouth
    2. Raise Hands to Walk or Talk
    3. Looking Eyes
    4. Listening Ears
    5. Always Be Nice
    6. Keep Hands and Feet to Self


    Positive phone calls

    Positive Notes




    Verbal Redirection

    Loss of Privileges

    Parental notification via phone call/text

    Written Parent Notification

    Office Referral