HES Book Club 2020-2021

  • Saving Winslow

    by Sharon Creech Year Published: 2018 FIC CRE

    Louie doesn't have the best luck when it comes to nurturing small creatures. But when his father brings home a sickly, newborn mini donkey, Louie is determined to save him.

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  • Louisiana's Way Here

    by DiCamillo, Kate Year Published: 2018 FIC DIC

    When Louisiana Elefante's granny wakes her up in the middle of the night to tell her that the day of reckoning has arrived and they have to leave home immediately, Louisiana isn't overly worried. After all, Granny has many middle-of-the-night ideas. But this time, things are different. This time, Granny intends for them never to return. Separated from her best friends, Raymie and Beverly, Louisiana struggles to oppose the winds of fate (and Granny) and find a way home. But as Louisiana's life becomes entwined with the lives of the people of a small Georgia town--including a surly motel owner, a walrus-like minister, and a mysterious boy with a crow on his shoulder -- she starts to worry that she is destined only for good-byes. (Which could be due to the curse on Louisiana's and Granny's heads. But that is a story for another time.

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  • Song for a Whale

    by Kelly, Lynne Year Published: 2019 FIC KEL

    Twelve-year-old Iris and her grandmother, both deaf, drive from Texas to Alaska armed with Iris's plan to help Blue-55, a whale unable to communicate with other whales.

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  • The Unteachables

    by Korman, Gordon Year Published: 2019 FIC KOR

    The Unteachables' never thought they'd find a teacher who had a worse attitude than they did. And Mr. Kermit never thought he would actually care about teaching again. Over the course of a school year, though, room 117 will experience mayhem, destruction--and maybe even a shot at redemption.

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  • Season of Styx Malone

    by Magoon, Kekla Year Published: 2018 FIC MAG

    Caleb Franklin and his younger brother, Bobby Gene, spend an extraordinary summer their new, older neighbor, Styx Malone, a foster boy from the city.

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  • Caterpillar Summer

    by McDunn, Gillian Year Published: 2019 FIC MCD

    Since her father's death, Cat has taken care of her brother, Chicken, for their hardworking mother but while spending time with grandparents they never knew, Cat has the chance to be a child again.

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  • The Boy at the Back of the Class

    by Raúf, Onjali Q Year Published: 2019 FIC RAU

    When quiet, nine-year-old Ahmet arrives in their classroom, a boy and his friends fail to draw him out but try a new plan after learning he is a Syrian refugee.

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  • Lemons

    by Savage, Melissa Year Published: 2017 FIC SAV

    After her mother dies in 1975, ten-year-old Lemonade must live with her grandfather in a small town famous for Bigfoot sightings and soon becomes friends with Tobin, a quirky Bigfoot investigator.

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  • Solving for M

    by Swender, Jennifer Year Published: 2019 FIC SWE

    Shortly after starting fifth grade, Mika learns that her mother has cancer and uses her math notebook to explore the new changes in her life.

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  • Some Places More than Others

    by Watson, Renée Year Published: 2019 FIC WAT

    Amara visits her father's family in Harlem for her twelfth birthday, hoping to better understand her family and herself, but New York City is not what she expected.

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