HES Book Club 2019-2020

  • Wishtree

    by Katherine Applegate Year Published: 2017 FIC APP

    An old red oak tree tells how he and his crow friend, Bongo, help their human neighbors get along after a threat against an immigrant family is carved into the tree's trunk.

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  • Granted

    by John David Anderson Year Published: 2018 FIC AND

    In a magical land called the Haven lives a young fairy named Ophelia Delphinium Fidgets. Ophelia is no ordinary fairy--she is a Granter: one of the select fairies whose job it is to venture out into the world and grant the wishes of unsuspecting humans every day. It's the work of the Granters that generates the magic that allows the fairies to do what they do, and to keep the Haven hidden and safe. But with worldwide magic levels at an all-time low, this is not as easy as it sounds. On a typical day, only a small fraction of the millions of potential wishes gets granted. Today, however, is anything but typical. Because today, Ophelia is going to get her very first wish-granting assignment. And she's about to discover that figuring out how to truly give someone what they want takes much more than a handful of fairy dust."--Provided by publisher.

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  • HES 2019 Reading Competition Team did a great job at the RCSS Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl!  They placed 6th out of 23 elementary schools.  The Reading Competition Team members are:  Jada Baker, Oliva Cooper, David Coy, Nathan Fisher,  Mackenzie Goulet, Zakiya Jenkins, Eric Palmer, Bria Sutton, John Thomas, and An’yla Washington.