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    HES Book Club & Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Info


    The HES Book Club is for fourth and fifth grade students to read and discuss books from the Georgia Children's Book Award book list.  Book Club members and their parent/guardian need to sign the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Student agreement.  There will be be meetings during and after school.


    If you love to read and love to participate in friendly competition, then join HES Book Club!  Book Club members will be allowed to check out a Reading Club book in addition to the 3 books they check out from the library.  Book Club members can also earn Dojo points to spend at the Dojo store.  Members can earn:

    10 points -Read a book  and submit a book report

    20 points - Read a book, submit a book report, and submit 10 questions with 10 answers.  For the questions and answers, students must indicate the page number from the book.


    The HES Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl (HRRB) competition team will comprise of 10 students.  The competition team members will be selected from the Book Club members who fullfill the requirements of the Reading Bowl Student Agreement and can answer questions about the books.  The HES HRRB competition team will participate in the RCSS Helen Ruffin Reading bowl which is TBA.  


    For more information, please contact Mrs. Enfinger at 706-592-4561 ext. 3410 or email at enfinjo@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us.