CTW                                                                         WELCOME!!!!



    An Instructional Support teacher will assist students with academics and organizational skills in the inclusion classroom or the resource room. As a team member, I will work with your child on skills in which they may experience difficulty.  My goal for your child, in addition to content/skill mastery, is to experience and maintain a confidence regarding academic independence while producing a lifelong love of learning.   


    Your child’s homeroom or subject teacher will address school supplies that may be needed throughout the school year.  Because the homework policy and grading scale is specific to your child’s teacher(s), they will provide these documents to you.  (Guidelines are in accordance with current school board policies.)   


    Progress reports will be sent home each 9 weeks with your child’s report card so that you can monitor your child’s progress throughout the school year. Please contact me immediately if you have questions or concerns.  There will be an annual review meeting scheduled this school year.  A notice will be sent along with a meeting date and time. As a parent, know that you can request a meeting at any time. 


    To facilitate independence, skill mastery and retention, let me recommend that your child establishes a consistent routine with regard to a time frame for completing daily homework as well as “packing” or getting book bags ready nightly to make sure homework or projects aren’t left behind during the morning rush.  (Make sure to check that daily homework assignments are completed by your child.) Also, provide opportunities for reading nightly. You can read to your child or allow them to read to you. Make sure to join our parent teacher organization and try to accompany them to some of our school activities.


    Please know that I am very humbled and privileged to serve you and your family this school year.  Let me know of any lingering questions or concerns that you may have by either emailing me at harpeel@richmond.k12.ga.us or by calling me at 706-823-6950. I will respond as soon as possible.




    Elizabeth Harper