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    16- 3D solar system projects are due

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    Science, Social Studies, Health


    In Social Studies we have entered into a new chapter “Challenges of a new nation” In this chapter students will explore ideas and concepts about the leaders of the Constitutional Convention, and how the branches of government interact with one another. They will also investigate how the Bill of Rights places limits on the powers of government, and explain the reasons for its inclusion in the Constitution. In map skills students will be able to identify all 50 states along with important landmarks in the United States.

    In Science students will continue to study the solar system, but Sept 16 starts the chapter two the Water Cycle. Within this chapter they will learn about the flow of energy in water as it changes states from, solid liquid, gas and changes from gas to liquid to solid. Students will also develop a model of the water system.

    In Health students will evaluate healthy eating practices and participate in physical classroom activities such as GoNoodle and Just Dance for kids                   

    Mrs. Barber

                                                                                                                September 2019







    We have started the second unit. We will be exploring multiplication and division: double digit multiplication and long division. Please continue to have your student practice their basic multiplication facts.

    Homework will be assigned Monday thru Thursday. You can check my class page on the school website for homework. I will also post homework on ClassDoJo.

    Mr. May





    For the month of September students will continue to learn and analyze details in a text to determine a theme or the author’s purpose. They also will be able to use specific details from the text to describe characters, settings, or events from different cultures and literature. Students will continue to learn how to write a narrative.

                                               Mrs. Welcher-Green


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