• Learn At Home (September 7th-8th, 2021)

    •  PLease use the link (https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3aI3KUEOWoe8aAD9KZ5ij0B_-54ffmKU6tQIaB4-fx90s1%40thread.tacv2/General?groupId=95081451-5965-48c6-a6c6-6059afe0ea66&tenantId=30b22d40-7362-4f17-83a9-2530927b6f65) to access Mrs. Boyd's Live Instruction. Live instruction will be available 9-11 AM and/or 1-3 PM.

      Teachers will support student learning during the Learn@Home period. Additional resources to support learning and instruction for Face to Face students include FEV tutoring, WIFI on Wheels (Schedule was sent home on Friday with students) and digital learning supports. 


      Learn@ Home Assignments: Learn at Home