•    Students in grades 4-5 are eligible to participate in the Blythe Elementary School Spelling Bee.  This school-wide Spelling Bee usually takes place in the month of December and the winner will go on to represent our school in the Richmond County Spelling Bee.  
       Throughout the school year, students will be participating in classroom Spelling Bees, not for an academic grade, but for practice and preparation.  In order to be eligible to participate in the School Spelling Bee, students must meet certain requirements to include having won an official classroom level Spelling Bee.  Typically there are 3 classroom level Spelling Bee winners from each grade level who will move on to participate in the school level Spelling Bee. 
    To access a copy of the Rules, you can click on the following link:
    This is a copy of the Study List for the Classroom/School Spelling Bee with only the words (3 pages): 
    This is a copy of the Study List for the School Spelling Bee with definitions (21 pages): 
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