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    Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl 
    "Mrs. Ruffin and the DeKalb Reading Bowl: Mrs. Helen Ruffin, a dynamic and innovative Library Media Specialist at Sky Haven Elementary School in DeKalb County, created a unique reading competition in 1986. It was called The Reading Bowl and, in a competitive game format, questioned students about the content of the 10 Georgia Book Award Nominees each year. Her vision was to have teams, comprised of students from different schools, compete to test their knowledge of the selected books."( Dekalb County, 2016). 
    C.T. Walker has an elementary Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Team. The team will compete at a district level in January 2024. Students who are interested in joining the team will have an opportunity to sign up. Students will be assigned books to read and will be required to read the books they are assigned and create questions and answers online. Each team can only have five students. If we have  more than five  students sign up for the team, students will compete to see who will participate in the competition in January. The book lists for elementary  are listed below.  

    Club Sponsor: Dawn Kozlowski 
    Grade(s): 4th and 5th