• Felicia Morris

    2023-2024 Syllabus

    Computer Science

    Teaching computer science is a big task and that takes a lot of preparation and planning. This year I plan to teach our children about technology as a whole. We will not only talk about technology; we will explore through action by using the resources that are available to us.


    • Students will participate in  hands-on games introducing the concept of loops. Following the game, they’ll work independently to create their own code program using the loop block
    • Unplugged: Students learn different ways to communicate an idea and will practice generating ideas with a visualization that will assist in our learning.


    Coding: Students will use coordinates and coordinate planes to explore the functionality of the Scratch Motion blocks with the goal of animating a sprite to move around a treasure map.

     Coding- Games: Students will be introduced to how and when clones are used in game development. Students will then complete a code-along activity where they will learn how to create a clone in Scratch. Finally, students will create their own game that incorporates clones and then discuss the games they created in a pair and share activity.

    • Digital Citizenship: Students will discuss the emotional impacts of breaking news and the trustworthiness of digital media. Students will learn how to approach news headlines and how to use a critical lens when viewing media.
    • All Students will work on typing Skills throughout the school year.