• Hi Parents,

    I'm extremely dissapointed to know that my students will not be returning to Warren Road Elementary for the 2019/20 school year. I'm definitely missing my kids. Please let your child know that I'm thinking of them during our time away from the classroom.  Students are still required to complete the following assignments during the school's closing period (May 8th). I can be contacted via email if you need to reach me for any questions or concerns. I will be available during normal school hours. Thank you for your support. Have a blessed week. 

    Important Info:

    Readworks Class Code: FF73X6

    Default Password: 1234  (This password will need to be changed immediately) 

    * Please make sure it is a Password that you will remember. I will not be able to give you your new password if you forget it. (I do not have access to it.       :)


    May 4th - 8th

    Monday: Students are expected to get on Readworks and read “Spinning Storms”. After reading the passage, students need to answer the comprehension questions related to the passage.

    Tuesday:  Students need to identify the Main Idea of “ Spinning Storms” (Readworks passage).  

    Wednesday: Students need to log on to Readworks and identify three supporting details to support the main idea of "Spinning Storms" (Readworks Passage). 

    Thursday: Students need to log on to Math I'Ready. Students are expected to complete "Multiplication Word Problems Math Lesson" on I'ready.

    Friday: How have you liked the online learning process? Write 5 - 7 sentences telling me about your experience. Make sure you remain on topic, use proper subject/verb agreement, and remain on topic.  




    Students will be required to turn in assignments either  via email ( or on May 11 - 13th when teachers (only) return to Warren Road Elem.  Electronic assignments are expected to be completed on the days assigned. I hope everyone has a great summer! I have truly enjoyed working with everyone of my students. 

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