General Information

  • Attendance 
    There are 180 school days in a school year.  Each student is expected to attend daily.  Excused absences are permissible for illness of the student, or death in the immediate family.  School attendance is a must if we are to realize the full benefit of an education.  When your child is out, please send a written note/doctor's excuse with your child when he/she returns to be given to the teacher.  Teachers are not required to allow make-up work for unexcused absences or frequent tardiness.  If a student is late for school, the parent must come to the offices to sign in the student.

    Tardy Policy

    1st Tardy- Letter sent home to parents explaining the  Tardy Policy.


    5th Tardy- The parent must bring the student to school the next day and have a conference with the principal.  The Tardy Policy will be explained to the parent, and parents will sign a letter which states that they understand the policy.  Continued tardiness may result in the student being retained if excessive tardies accumulate to equal sixteen absences accumulated per school year.


    8th Tardy- A second letter will be sent home, and the Social Worker and/or DFACS may contact the parent.  The parent must bring the student to school the next day, and there must be a conference with the principal.


    10th Tardy- One day suspension with a letter sent home.


    15th Tardy- Two days suspension with a letter sent home.  A Social Worker will be sent to the home.


    20th Tardy- Three days suspension with a letter sent home.


    A child will not be recognized for perfect attendance after 10 tardies.