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  • Canvas is the Learning Management System that is used by the Richmond County School System.  If you have not used Canvas before or you need a quick refresher, please take the Canvas Tour for Students and Parents.


    If you have never used Canvas before, this is the place to start.  It will give you a tour of the main parts.    Take a look BEFORE you start learning Canvas.


    The first thing to know is how to get to Canvas.  On your Chromebook or PC, go to your LaunchPad account.

    screenshot of login page

    What is my username and password?

    USERNAME:  Your Richmond County email address. Example:

    PASSWORD: Same as your Richmond County District password.

    If you need help with your Username or Password, ask your teacher or go to this link.

    Once you are logged into Launchpad - find the Canvas icon and click on it.

    Canvas on launchpad

  • canvasoffline

    Students who do not have internet access at home may download their Canvas courses to a computer or an iPhone from an available internet connection. Once downloaded, the course can be taken offline without an internet connection. Once students have completed content in their course(s), they will need to find a location (i.e. a school parking lot) to connect to the internet so assignments will be uploaded for teacher viewing.

    Downloading Canvas to Your Computer                 

    How to Make Content Available Offline - (Teacher Version)                                                                           

    Downloading Canvas Courses to Use Offline on an iPhone