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    Sandford Harmony - This is a new resource provided for students to address social emotional needs of students and build relationships between peers, teachers, and family.

    Are you interested in Hospital Homebound Services when your child unable to attend school? Please click here for more information:
    Parents, please check out GADOE Georgia Milestones page for assessment information and resources.  Check the bottom right side of page for Parent Resources. 
    1. Prepare! List things you need to have ready the night before the test 
    2. Go to Bed Early 
    3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast
    4. Wear Comfortable Clothes
    5. Relax! Take Slow Deep Breaths
    6. Follow Directions! Read each Question 
    7. Mark neatly! Erase completely
    8. Move On if you don't know the answer
    9. Review Your answers
    10. Plan something fun to do after the test