• I can be contacted about concerns about your child in several ways.  The best way is through my school email account.  The address is: trawide@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us.  This will get the quickest response for a quick question or comment.  You can also write a note addressed to me and have your child bring it to class.  If you would like a phone response, please include a phone number in your note.   I can also receive a message at school to return your call when possible.  The school phone number is 706-592-3723.  I may not be able to respond until after school however so please remember this. I can schedule a conference during the conference times outlined on the gifted resource schedule so please refer to the schedule for conference times. If necessary,  I will also do my best to schedule a conference at another time requested  if I do not have students and I am able to accomodate the requested time on my schedule.   If you need additional contact options, please let me know and we will try to work on a solution.  Thanks for your support.

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