• A.C.E. Program

    Academic * Creative * Enrichment Syllabus


    Course Description

    The gifted courses will focus on developing cognitive learning, research and reference, and metacognitive skills at each grade grouping, using principles of differentiation.

    Instructional Philosophy

    The A.C.E. Program guarantees high academic achievement for all. The program ensures communication, and collaboration within the community; while providing a safe, orderly, and healthy learning environment. 

    Major Course Goal

    The overall goal of the gifted program is to provide each student with a minimum of five segments each week. Under this program, every identified gifted student will receive services that are in accordance with the GaDOE requirements.

    Major Course Projects & Instructional Activities

    1st grade:

    ·         Uniquely Me

    ·         Cinderella

    ·         I’m Somebody Special

    ·         Light and Sound

    ·         Secret Formulas

    ·         Genius Hour


    3rd grade:

    ·         Fable and Proverbs

    ·         Nervous System 

    ·         Problem Solving

    ·         Genius Hour


    2nd grade:

    ·         Poetry

    ·         Washington, D.C.

    ·         Human Skeletal System

    ·         Brown Bagging It

    ·         Problem Solving

    ·         Puppetry

    ·         Genius Hour

    4th grade:

    ·         Forensic Science

    ·         Creative Writing

    ·         Greek Mythology

    ·         Theatre

    ·         Genius Hour


    5th grade:

    ·         Genetics

    ·         Electricity

    ·         Binary Number System

    ·         Salt Marsh Ecosystem

    ·         Architecture

    ·         Genius Hour



    Course Assessment Plan

    The gifted students are given a pre-test before each unit and posttest after completion of the unit. SLO’s (Student Learning Objectives) are also administered to designated grade levels at the beginning and end of the year.

    Classroom Expectations

    The gifted students are to follow the rules set forth in the RCBOE student handbook. The students are also expected to follow all rules from their designated school and by the gifted teacher. The students are to complete all gifted work within the classroom and are responsible for all assignments from their grade level teacher(s).

    Supplies and Materials Needed:

    • 4 inch 3-ring binder
    • 2 packages Tab Dividers


    Homework Policy & Grading Scale

    Homework is not a requirement for the A.C.E. Program. Students are not given a numerical grade for the report card, but they are graded based off a performance task rubric. The students continued placement in the gifted program is based on their performance reports each year at meeting and/or exceeding the expectations. Gifted report cards are distributed during the Fall and Spring.

    I can be reached at the following:

    Gifted Teacher Name: Ms. Trawick

    Email: TrawiDe@richmond.k12.ga.us

    Phone Number: 706-592-3723