• 8th Grade face to face students will have the opportunity to Learn@home with their teachers on Jan. 14-22 using Microsoft Teams.  ELA/Math will be streamed live from 9-10 AM.  GA Studies/Science will be streamed from 10-11 AM. Tutoring will be available from 1-3 PM for all subjects.  Parents/students may reach me on my phone at this time as well. Microsoft Teams can be downloaded on a mobile device or it can be accessed through a student's launchpad (Office 365).  GoMath Assignments are online and can be found on Launchpad under HMH Central.  If you cannot get online worksheet packets are available in the front office at HMS.  The office at HMS will be open from 9AM-4PM for Jan. 11-15th.  Students should complete work daily and return it on Jan. 25th.  If you have any questions please contact me at 706-627-2962 or text me through Remind.