• Greetings, Panthers! I am quite enthusiastic about the start of the 2022-23 school year, and look forward to educating my students in the area of Math and Science.Teaching is such a big part of who I am and I always try to do it with grace, dignity, and thoroughness. My favorite part of being an educator is getting to know the young minds in my classroom, and assisting in their learning. I will use a wide range of strategies and techniques to help my students fully understand the different cultures we'll be studying in grade seven, Mathematics and Science. Together I plan on all of us having a great school year, and I am here to help in any way possible as we travel through the school year with all the ups and downs that come along with it.


    Parents, please look to this site for information on what topics are being covered and what work has been assigned to your child. My goal is to keep my site updated regularly to help you know what is happening in Math and Science for your child.


    Students join Remind as it is a requirement for my class. (Parents are encouraged to join as well.)