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     September is Suicide Prevention Month

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    The main goal of the Guidance Department is to support all of our students as they work to achieve their goals.  We follow the mission statement of the school in that we want to empower students to become confident, self-directed, cooperative, lifelong learners and leaders.  We also want to expose students to diverse settings that promote understanding of various cultures.  


    The Role of the Professional School Counselor


    We will be taking our 8th grade students to see other magnet schools in Richmond County and we will create an Individual Graduation Plan for them as well.  We assist with Safety Patrol, Leadership Team, Response to Intervention (RTI) meetings, Red Ribbon Week and Career Days.  All students in 6th through 8th grades will create Career Portfolios electronically.  We also set up and have a group of students we advise in the Teachers as Advisors (TAA) program or as we like to call it, The Wildcat Advisement Program.




    The mission of the Richmond County School Counseling Program is to facilitate the development of individuals who are successful learners and have the skills necessary to thrive in the everyday world by providing all students appropriate, data-driven interventions focusing on academic achievement, career exploration and social/emotional growth.

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    The vision of the Richmond County School Counseling Program is that all students experience academic success to their greatest individual degree and graduate college and career ready with a plan and the skills necessary to fulfill their post-secondary goals. Students feel safe, accepted, challenged, and encouraged while enrolled in school and into adulthood. The comprehensive, developmental curriculum provided through this program is designed to meet identified needs of students in grades pre-K through 12.