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    Physical Education Rules



    Why is Physical Education important for your child?

    Regular Physical activity in childhood and adolescence brings these benefits:

    1. Improves strength and endurance.
    2. Reduces anxiety and stress.
    3. Increases self-esteem.
    4. Helps control weight.
    5. Helps build healthy bones and muscles.
    6. Helps establish a healthy lifestyle as a habit for the future.


    1. Physical Education:

    Physical Education is a vital part of your child’s education and is required by Georgia State Standards.  It provides opportunities for your child to learn and develop physical, mental, social, and emotional skills.


    1. Participation:

    Active participation in all activities is necessary if your child is to benefit from the Physical Education program. 

    Students are expected to:

    • do the best he or she can regardless of the activity.
    • be respectful of classmates and teachers.
    • walk quietly in line when coming to and from the gym.
    • only use equipment when instructed to do so, take care of it, and return it to it’s proper place when asked.
    • follow gym rules.


    1. Shoes:

    Tennis shoes are preferable, however, any shoes that tie, buckle or strap across the bridge of the foot and have soft rubber soles will be permitted.  Students will not be allowed to participate if wearing boots, sandals, flip flops, clogs, open back shoes, heels, crocs, etc.


    1. Dress:

    The Richmond County dress code has established the proper dress for students.  Young ladies wearing skirts or jumpers are asked to wear shorts under them during P.E. class. Young men are asked to wear pants/shorts that fit and a belt (if pants do not stay up, the student will not be allowed to participate).


    1. Behavior



    It is of utmost importance that Physical Education class be conducted in a pleasant atmosphere, free from unnecessary disturbances and disruptive behavior.  This is not a recess period.  It is a class which students learn a variety of skills, games, and sports.  Therefore, it is the student’s & parent’s responsibility to become familiar with this behavior code and follow it accordingly.  Its purpose is to insure each student in the Physical Education class has the opportunity to have a meaningful and productive experience.






    Physical Education Rules


    1. Hands are kept to yourself - no fighting or horseplay.
    2. No gum or candy.
    3. No profanity, name calling or bullying will be tolerated.
    4. Pencils, pens, reading glasses or personal belongings are not to be brought to the gym. The P.E. teacher is not responsible for any items left in the gym.
    5. Students should listen carefully to the instructions and follow directions.
    6. The equipment is there to use only after instructions are given.
    7. The whistle means: TAKE A KNEE, LOOK, and LISTEN to the teacher. (Stop all activity)
    8. Be respectful to teachers and peers. (No arguing)
    9. Wear appropriate dress and shoes.
    10. Good sportsmanship, good behavior, a good attitude, and lots of effort are expected


    1. Grading

    In elementary school the primary purpose of Physical Education is to learn basic motor skills, social skills, good sportsmanship, teamwork, how to get along with others. Based on these objectives your child’s Physical Education grade will be determined by his/her participation and complying with the Physical Education Rules. Students will start each 9 weeks with 100 points. Students who do not comply with the Physical Education Rules will have 2 points deducted from his/her grade. A Physical Education discipline form (Physical Ed. Gram) will be sent home to inform you of your child’s grade. For instance, you will receive a Physical Ed. Gram when your child has a 94, 90, 84, 80 and below. This is my way of keeping in touch and informing you of your child’s grade.



         Discipline Plan

    1.   Student receives a warning.
    2. Student is asked to leave the group (timeout).
    3. Parents are notified of behavior problems – Physical Ed. Gram or phone call.
    4. A Discipline Referral is sent to the office.


    All fighting will result in parent notification and a discipline referral.



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