• Science Fair Projects are MANDATORY for 4th grade students.   Students must work INDIVIDUALLY (no groups).   The project will count as two (2) test grades towards the student's science grade for the 3rd nine weeks.    Science projects are due by Jan 11 2021.  If you want to enter the competiton, your project must be turned in by Monday, January 11, 2021.  Projects received after Jan 11th will receive a 10 point deduction for each day it is late and they will NOT be able to join the competition.

    Your child will come home with a Science Fair parent letter on Dec. 1, 2020.


    The site listed below is very helpful in finding a project that matches your child's interests.

    Science Fair Ideas (Science Buddies website)


    Each project must have the following three (3) items:


     1. A Log Book:  This is like a journal, it is to be done FIRST.  It is a notebook that you record everything that you will put on you formal report. You can only complete your PowerPoint and write your formal reoprt AFTER you complete your log book.


    2.   A Formal Report template and example:  This is a copy of the logbook neatly written or typed



     3.  Power Point Template 





    Display boards are NOT required for the science fair!  DO NOT make a board to bring to school.

    If you advance to the next level of the Science Fair competition, you will need a display board. 

    Display Board for Science Fair Competition  (Rubric