• Hello 4th Graders!


    Take notes on the states of matter from the slide shows within this Nearpod self-paced lesson



    Tuesday, Wednesday

    Today you will start taking notes from this Water Cycle  Powerpoint or Slideshow

    Allow permission for external content to view the embedded videos.  If the videos do not work, click the links.



    Today we are going to watch more of the Liberty Kids. To watch, one student will log in to Canvas, go to Social Studies and share their computer on the board. You can take notes on notebook paper (not in your journals). After the video, you can briefly discuss what you learned from the video. Here is a link if you need help getting to the assignments on Canvas.

    Youtube version Liberty's Kids 103 - United We Stand

    After the Social Studies video, we will start learning about the Water Cycle.

    Water Cycle  Song  3:41

    The Water Cycle Video 7:12

    Start reading from your Science workbook, pages 175-179. (Seat 5 get the workbooks)



    If you finish everything before class is complete, please work silently on i-Ready or your speech.

    Have a safe and fun Halloween!!