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    Roger Tomlin

    Music Teacher, Freedom Park School



    My Daily Schedule:

    Morning Duty 6:45-7:20

    Middle School - 7:35-8:25

    Kindergarten - 8:30-9:10

    3rd Grade - 9:15-9:55

    2nd Grade - 10:00-10:40

    1st Grade - 12:00-12:40

    4th/5th Grade - 12:45-1:25

    2:25 - Afternoon Duty


    For elementary, my grades are completely based on participation and behavior.  Students who put forth effort and show good behavior will be given highest marks.  For middle school, my grades will be 50% participation/behavior and 50% written assignments/tests.  This is due to my having the students every day of the week, allowing the learning to become more rigorous.  I will never have more than one test per week.  Written assignment frequency may vary.  Written homework assignments may be given on occasion.


    Class Rules/Expectations/Rituals and Routines:

    1. Respect Yourself

    2. Respect Others (both teachers and students)

    3. Respect Your Surroundings

    4. Never leave the room without permission

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  • Roger Tomlin 
    Email: tomliro@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade(s):Pre-K through 8th
    Subject(s): General Music