• Welcome to World History Yippee Woohoo.  If you have questions regarding course content, my class Edmodo page may be reached using the join code cmqwvq and my remind tag is @46942h8.  Also please feel free to email me with any further questions and/or concerns.  The syllabus is attached below.


    Please pay attention to the following announcements because there have been some big changes regarding the rest of the year. There are lots of announcements

    1. There will be no new assignments from me for the remainder of the year

    2. Quarters 3 and 4 have been lumped together and I will be issuing a semester grade for both. Any work done in quarter 4 thus far will be considered extra credit for quarter 3

    3. To allow all an opportunity to gain this extra credit, I will be reopening all quarter 4 assignments on Edmodo. This includes the WW1 quiz. You will not be penalized for bad grades in quarter

    4. The higher the grade, the higher the extra credit. 4. I will be adjusting grades for Q4 so that there are no missing or failing assignments. Poor grades or zeros due to plagiarism concerns will be removed so they don't penalize you; although you may still resubmit any assignments you haven't done or wish to improve your grades on.

    5. If you did not pass Quarter 3, you may do the assigned Q3 grade recovery I assigned on Edgenuity or complete all Quarter 4 assignments thus far to achieve the same result.

    6. If you did not pass quarters 1 or 2, I am going to reopen those edgenuity assignments for you to do. This is a great opportunity to pass this class!

    7. The target date for all assignments to end is May 8th.

    8. If you have passed all quarters thus far and are satisfied with the grades, you need not do any more work for my class. If you wish to improve a grade in a specific quarter, message me and I will work out some assignment to help you do that (This option will only be for people passing those quarters in question. For those not, see numbers 5 and 6).

    9. For those of you who have been completing the online assignments for quarter 4, thank you sincerely. I truly appreciate all your hard work.

    10. I hope all of you and yours are doing well, and I thank you all for your efforts and personalities. I miss you.