• Overview

    Unit 5: Work-Energy Theorem discusses the different types of energy, how energy is transformed, and shows how work and power are calculated.


    To Do List

    1/12: View Overview, To-Do List, Learning Objectives, Vocabulary, and Essential Question and Complete Unit 5 Pre-Assessment

    1/13: View Presentation and Take Good Notes

    1/14: Watch Instructional Videos and Participate in the Unit 5 Class Discussion

    1/15: Complete Name that Energy Virtual Lab

    1/19: Complete KE & PE Virtual Lab

    1/20: Complete Energy Ranking Tasks Virtual Lab

    1/21: Complete Classifying KE & PE Practice

    1/22: Complete Calculating KE & PE Practice

    1/25: Complete Work Virtual Lab

    1/26: Complete Calculating Work & Power Practice

    1/27: Complete Match that Bar Chart Virtual Lab

    1/28: Complete Unit 5 Post-Assessment and Complete Wrap-Up Assignment

    1/29: View Additional Resources and Look Ahead Pages


    Unit 5: Learning Targets

     learning-target2.pngBy the end of the unit, you will be able to 

    • Explain the transformation of energy from one form to another.
    • Calculate potential and kinetic energy.
    • Calculate the amount of work done by a force on an object.
    • Explain the work-energy theorem and its relationship to kinetic energy.
    • Explain the conservation of energy in a closed system.
    • Distinguish between an open and closed system.


    Unit 5: Key Vocabulary

    checklist-278x300.pngBy the end of the unit, you will utilize these vocabulary words during science discourse:

    kinetic energy • potential energy • work • power • work-energy theorem • joule • watt • Conservation of Energy • closed system


    Unit 5: Essential Questions

    question By the end of the unit, you will be able to answer the following essential question:

    • How is energy conserved within a system?


    Watch the following youtube videos and take notes 


    1. https://youtu.be/yaK8RnGY-eM

    2. https://youtu.be/8qmSzMwTkpk

    3. https://youtu.be/DyaVgHGssos

    4. https://youtu.be/lH72gW4ixrE

    5. https://youtu.be/ca_b53EQU8w

    6. https://youtu.be/w4QFJb9a8vo


  • Unit 5: Group Discussion

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    • Prompt

      • Think of chores or tasks that you do on a daily or weekly basis. What type of energy transfers are present? 



      • Your initial response should be 100-200 words in length, reflecting on the prompt above.
      • Reply to at least two classmates' posts. Your response to your classmate's discussion should be around 50 words (each) and add to the discussion (i.e. reflecting on their response, asking questions, etc.). Remember to abide by course etiquette rules. 

  • Name That Energy Virtual Lab


    Name That Energy Virtual Lab

    Directions: Click the  link below to be directed to the virtual lab. When on the new page, scroll down and click the arrows in the box of the picture. This will bring up the full screen version of the virtual lab. Continue as a "guest". Complete all levels available. Once complete, write your name on a sheet of paper and place it next to the screen. Using your phone, take a picture of the screen with your name visible in the picture. Submit the picture here.