• Music Syllabus


    General Music provides your child with many enjoyable experiences. Students will   have an opportunity to learn and develop skills, through singing, playing, listening, moving and reading music. Students will learn about the various elements of music. In class, your student will be introduced to various styles and kinds of music. Your student will have many opportunities to excel in music.


    In class we will:

    • Sing, play, and evaluate music
    • Listen to various music
    • Identify ways in which music can be used.
    • Learn to sing on pitch
    • Play the recorder and other instruments
    • Perform singing activities that will help your student to grow in sight reading, pitch-matching, and harmony performance
    • Learn to sing solfege and sign pitches.





    Be Respectful: 

    •    Raise your hand and wait to be called on
    •   Wait your turn (remote learners stay muted until asked by teacher to unmute)
    •    Treat others with kindness

    Be Responsible: 

    •    Complete your own work/turn in assignments to Google Classroom
    •    Return materials when you are finished, put in proper spot for sanitization
    •   Take care of class materials
    •   Remote learners keep camera on/face visible at all times during class


    Be Safe:

    •  Keep your mask on (over nose and mouth) 
    • Be aware of your surroundings/watch where you are going during movement activities
    •  Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself



    •  1st – Warning
    • 2nd   – Moved to a new seat/Conference with teacher
    • 3rd   – Call Home
    • 4th    – Office Referral