The Community

The Community:

Freedom Park School has a heart for our beloved community. We are so blessed to be a part of to great families. The Richmond County and Fort Gordon Community. While we are not a DOD school (we are governed by Richmond Co. Board of Education), we are priviledged to be housed on Fort Gordan and a member of the Fort Gordon community. This section is dedicated to our communties. 


Garrison Commander's Policy Memorandum No. 15 - Supervision of Children:

Please click here to read the current policy.


Augusta Recreation and Parks Fall Athletics Registration:

We know that involvement in positive activities beyond the school day is important.  Being involved in activies beyond the school day helps to develop students social, emotionally, and intellectually. Please view the click here to find information regarding youth athletics in Richmond County. 


Exceptional Families Exceptional Service

Please join EFMP for their monthly Parent Information Exchange/ Support Group Meeting on 21 September 2017 from 1830 - 2030 at the Family Outreach Center behind the Woodworth Library. EFMP is a Department of Defense Program wich assists eligible family members of active duty Soliders, DA Civilians, Army National Guard and US Army Reserve. Click here for upcoming events.