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    Third Grade Math Topics/Themes:

    *Data and Graphing, Place Value, Rounding, Addition/Subtraction with Regrouping Unit 1 - Parent Letter

    *Multiplication and Division Unit 2 - Parent Letter 

    *Addition/Multiplication Patterns, Area, Multi-Step Problem Solving, Graphing Line Plots Unit 3-Parent Letter

    *Geometry, Perimeter, and Area Unit 4 - Parent Letter 

    *FractionsGraphing Data, and Problem Solving Unit 5 - Parent Letter 

    *Measurement - Elapsed Time, Weight: Grams/Kilograms, and Capacity: Liters Unit 6-Parent Letter

    Current Topics/Themes:   
    Multiplication & Division and Multi-Step Problem Solving
    Click the launchpad link above to begin your extra practice on IReady and First in Math!
    Math - Worksheet 
    Math - Worksheet 

    Math -  Worksheet 
    Math - Worksheet 
    (Study Multiplication and Division facts for Fact Fluency)