• Warren Road Warriors have P.R.I.D.E!                                      Warren Road Warriors

    P - Prompt and Prepared 

    R - Respect for others and property

    I - Inspire Others

    D - Do the Right Thing

    E - Elect to make good choices 


    This school year, Warren Road will be using the Tribe System. This is a "house-styled" program designed to group the students and staff at Warren Road Elementary. The Tribe System will build camaraderie and a sense of belonging to each member within our school. The Tribe System promotes positive behaviors at school and uses the team approach to build relationships and promote teamwork. There are 4 Tribes (Green, Yellow, Blue, Red). Our class is the GREEN tribe! The Tribes will earn points by the amount of feathers students earn for showing PRIDE.


    Unity Fridays

    Every Friday will be Unity Friday! All students and staff members are encouraged to wear their designated Tribe colors and gear to represent! Your gear could include your tribe color in shoes, jewelry, hats, headwear and accessories! However, please adhere to our Dress Code Policy. I encourage parents to join in on the fun and represent! This is going to be a fun and friendly competiton within our school! 


    *T-shirt orders will be avalible in the near future. Stay Tuned! 


    The following video explains how the Tribe System works from the student point of view. 

    Tribe System Video