•  Welcome Back Video !!!!
    The 2020-2021 school year begins my 11th year of teaching and my 2nd year at Murphey Middle School. This will be a year like no other; although, last year comes close. Whether in person or virtually, I have no doubt that we will build strong relationships and be successful! It's going to be an unforgettable year! It is my goal to help every student in my classes have a sucessful year.   It is my hope that each student will use every tool that is provided for them and that they will work diligently each day to do the best that they can.  I am going to do my best to make the math fun and social studies fun.  It's my belief that every child can learn it's my job to figure what they need.
          Murphey Middle School 
    Grade(s): 8th Grade
    Subject(s): Algebra I,8th Grade Mathematics, & 8th Grade Georgia Studies
      2020-2021  Class Schedule
                                                                                                              1st  Period                  Algebra I
                                                                                                              2nd Period                  8th Grade Mathematics 
                                                                                                              3rd Period                   8th Grade Mathematics
                                                                                                              4th Period                   Planning    
                                                                                                              5th Period                   8th Grade Georgia Studies