• November 13, 2020


    Greetings Eagle Parent(s) / Guardian(s),


         This letter is to inform you that the Administrative Team and the Social Studies Department of T. W. Josey High School are working to adjust the program for students who are receiving failing grades in United States History.  Below you will find the recommended program that is being suggested for your child to accomplish this goal.

    • Edgenuity Virtual Learning: This option is available virtually (online). Students will work on concepts with assistance from videos and assignments of relevant material. Students will receive credit once they have completed the packet and have shown mastery on topics from that quarter; by earning a C or higher on the final exam.

    The content to be covered in this Edgenuity Virtual Learning module will be as follows:

    Unit 1: Colonialism

    SSUSH 1 - 2

    ·         Great Awakening

    ·         Colonial Self-government

    ·         Diversity and Development of

    ·         American colonies

    ·         Middle Passage and the African Population

    ·         Mercantilism and trans-Atlantic trade


    * If you are interested in other learning options, please speak to our school administration. *


    Our goal is to have every student be successful in United States History.


    Please note that this credit recovery system is available now and will be available November 16, 2020 through December 14, 2020.



    To help increase and maintain your child’s grade in the future,

    Here are some helpful tips:

    1. Talk to your child about his/her grades on a regular basis. Log onto Canvas and discuss your child’s scores.
    2. Contact your child’s teachers if you have questions about their online performance.
    3. Have your student attend the virtual classes regularly and/or face to face classes regularly.
    4. Encourage your child to be the best they can be and live up to the fullest of their potential.
    5. Advise your child and let them know they can be successful in all subjects.
    6. Keep an open line for communication between staff, parent and student.


    If you need any further assistance, support, or information on how to achieve this credit, please contact:

    Dr. D. Partlow, or Mrs. L. Parks-Johnson.


    Again, thank you for your cooperation, consideration and conservation for your child’s future.


    T. W. Josey Social Studies Department



    Attention to students must login to RCBOE Launchpad to gain access to Edgenuity

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  • Due to this extraordinary situation confronting us all, please take the time to read and share with your fellow classmates who were absent on Monday 03-16-2020. 

    Distance Learning Lessons

    U.S. HISTORY/A.P.U.S.H. 

    Students will complete Standards 20 through 23 and associated lessons/tasks on USATESTPREP.COM.   

    Any questions or issues please contact me through e-mail on the T.W.Josey website or through this web page. Thanks, stay safe and be well.


    Students will complete their work book assignments (pages 179 -243, which covers Standards 18 through 22) and take their assessments on USATESTPREP.COM for Standards 18 through 22.

    Any questions or issues please contact me through e-mail on the T.W.Josey website or through this web page. Thanks, stay safe and be well.

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                      U.S. History             
     Image result for u.s. history pic       

        World History

    World History                         

    Name Mr. O'Keefe
    Grade(s): 10, 11 and 12
    Subject(s): U.S. History..APUSH..World History

     All students are required to KNOW the Rules/Regs for T.W. Josey!

    All students are required to have their Binders for this class. A section/notebook that is solely dedicated to U.S. History, this is for your benefit...this will serve as your study guide for all tests.

    In addition, you must bring your class materials everyday! Not being in class is the easiest way to fall behind!