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    "The mission of Air Force JROTC is to develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community"
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    Outstanding Unit, 2016-2017
    Outstanding Unit, 2017-2018
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    As a reminder, unless otherwise posted...


    Mon - Wed is Academics (Normal Attire)

    Thurs - Uniform Inspection & Drill  (Designated Uniform)

    Fri - PT day (PT Attire)  



    Week of :  16 -20 Nov


    MON:   Academics - Online Instruction (EVERYONE)

    TUE:    Academics - Online Instruction (EVERYONE)

    WED:  Academics - Online Instruction (EVERYONE)


    FRI:    Wear your AFJROTC Green PT Sweats (PT Gear) for your online PT video submission (EVERYONE)


    Week of  23- 27 Nov

    Thanksgiving Break





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    another AFJROTC Live! video.




    Week of 16-20 Nov, ALL CLASSES are "Learn from Home" (ONLINE INSTRCUTION).

    If you have problems with internet connectivity, 14 RCSS Buses will park throughout Augusta and act as mobile WiFi Hotspots from 4:00 - 7:00 PM 

    Bus locations will be at:

    -Cedar Grove, 526 Richmond Hill Road, W, Augusta, 30906

    -Dogwood Terrace, Bolt Drive, Augusta, 30901

    -Regency Village, 2810 Thomas Lane, Augusta, 30906

    -The Creeks, 1815 Belmont Avenue, Augusta, 30904

    -Magnolia Park, 2133 Vandivere Road, Augusta 30904

    -Carr Street, Near First Free Will Baptist Church, Augusta, 30904

    -Irwin Court, Oak Street (Everfaithful Baptist Church), Augusta, GA 30901

    -Travis Road and James Drive Intersection, Augusta, GA 30906

    -Augusta Manor, 3551 Mike Padgett Highway, Augusta, 30906

    -Butler Creek, 1850 Phinizy Road, Augusta, 30906

    -Castle Pines (4:30pm -6:30pm), 3866 Mike Padgett Highway, Augusta, 30906

    -Highview Manor, 3500 block of Highview Court, Augusta, 30906

    -Villa Marie Apartments, 3200 Deans Bridge, Augusta, 30906

    -Salem Arms, 2243 Rosier Road, Augusta, 30906


    Students can connect to the internet using a personal or RCSS issued laptop, smartphone or tablet within 500 ft of the bus.

    Optimal internet performance and speed is within 400 feet of the bus.

    RCSS has issued almost 3,000 wireless connectivity devices and more than 15,000 laptops to 
    students participating in virtual learning. The school system expects the bus program to support face virtual students by extending internet access beyond school hours and the school walls. While this system is in place, you are expected to complete your assigned work which is considered your attendance for State/District reporting purposes.

    The school system has also created Drive Up WIFI hotspots at every school parking lot for families to be able to conveniently access the internet at their neighborhood school. So there!



    For our AFJROTC Video Inspections, your AFJROTC GA-064 unit polo shirt and/or field day t-shirt ARE your uniform for the time being. You will still have to comply with GROOMING STANDARDS.


    If you are in need of a AFJROTC GA-064 Polo or Field Day shirt, please notify us via school e-mail (cost $20)



    TO ACCESS CANVAS: use the Launch Pad to access Canvas and the Canvas Conference Feature.
    1. Go to Google Chrome (install it, if you don't have it)
    2. Go to www.rcboe.org
    3. Select the Students tab
    4. Select Launch Pad
    5. Type in your Username (last.firstM@richmond.k12.ga.us)
    and your Password
    6. Click on the Canvas icon on LaunchPad
    7. The Conference tab for video teleconferences for you Uniform Inspections is on a tab to the left.











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     Lt Col B                                                                    
    Lt Col Kurt Barry, USAF (ret)
    Senior Aerospace Science Instructor 
    Grade(s): 10, 12
    Subject(s): AFJROTC II, IV
    Phone:  706-737-7360 x1688

  • Griggs  
    MSgt Scott Griggs USAF (ret)
    Aerospace Science Instructor 
    Grade(s): 9, 11
    Subject(s):  AFJROTC I, III
    Phone: 706-737-7360 x1687