• Enoch Gamble I: Cyber Security Instructor


               My name is Enoch Gamble I. I was born and raised in Alabama in a small country town where I graduated high school and joined the military to work in the computer field. I have travelled extensively and have lived in about 6 countries across the world and have performed jobs as a computer operator, technician, network administrator, network manager, cyber security operator and a cyber security analyst and incident handler. After I left the military, I settled here in Augusta, Georgia and worked in my last two jobs on the corporate level in the cyber security industry. While working here, I began volunteer work with the Richmond County School System (RCSS) in their new Cyber Security program for high schools. Working in this new cyber program with high school students became the most rewarding job that I have ever had and after the first year I was offered a permanent position and transitioned from corporate to my current job with the RCSS. I keep myself engaged and entertained with the things I like such as action-adventure-scifi movies, running, bowling, still target practice range, basketball, motorcycles, the beach and of course...any kind of food. I am looking forward to another great year of teaching and growing with my students, parents, peer teachers and administrators.