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    RCTCM Edgenuity Overview:

    RCTCM students enrolled in an Edgenuity Credit Bearing course will complete all coursework, lessons, video-instructions, assignments, labs, performance tasks, and assessments via Edgenuity.  Your Teacher-of-Record  (teacher listed on your Infinite Campus schedule) is your immediate point of contact for your coursework.  AP C. Crawford will also guide you and monitor your course progress.  Although you are completing this work asynchronously, the course outlines your required pacing to stay on track for completion by the assigned course end date (daily goal).  If you require additional content assistance for a core class, please sign up/schedule a tutor via FEV Tutoring.


    Parents may access Edgenuity grades by having your student log-in via the RCSS Launch pad.  Edgenuity grades are updated in IC after the successful completion of a course.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your student's teacher-of-record or Assistant Principal Crawford.

    • Overall Grade:  This is the weighted average grade for completed activities based on the grade weights for each type of activity.
    • Actual Grade:  This is the overall grade adjusted for progress if a student is behind. This score doesn't assume zeros for uncompleted work; simply penalizes for falling behind.
    • Relative Grade:  This is the grade that a student would receive if s/he stopped working and received 0% for all unscored, counted activities.


    RCTCM Edgenuity Expectations and Insturcitons:

    It is expected that all RCTCM Edgenuity Students will:

    1. Attend classes regularly and on time.
    2. Stay on task each class period/session.
    3. Complete assignments and assessments in their entirety and to the best of your ability.  All Edgenuity course work must be completed by the assigned end-date.
    4. Assessments will only be unlocked for completion during school hours.  There will be no after-hours "unlocks."  Students are responsible for reaching out to the teacher-of-record or AP CC for an "unlock."  Students must provide evidence of notes for that particular lesson/unit when requesting an unlock.
      1. The student has a max of 2 attempts to take a quiz, test or exam.  The highest score of all the attempts will be taken as the final grade earned for the assessment.
      2. All assessments, including exams, must be proctored.
    5. Take notes during all lessons so that you may refer to later.  Notes may be used on quizzes, and tests, but not an exam.  Students must turn in all notes prior to an exam.  
    6. Maintain academic honesty in all Edgenuity course work.
    7. Earn a passing score in the assigned Edgenuity course. 70 or higher.
    8. Reach out to the Teacher of Record and/or Mrs. C. Crawford if you are having any issues or concerns.