• Greetings RCTCM:


    Our sixth set of graduates have crossed the threshold and it is now time to create new memories.  The new year will begin with YOU, and we are very excited.  As we prepare for SY 2021 - 2022, we are expecting full participation as we begin a new and exciting year!

    Please remember to check your temperature and wear your PPE EVERY day!! If you have a fever or feel sick, please contact your doctor and stay home until you have clearance to return to school. Remember to visit your Teachers' Canvas pages for assignments. 

    This year our theme is, “Customizing Our New Normal”.

    We have School Improvement Plan goals that we will follow throughout the year to prepare each student to be college and career ready.  We will bring a high level of passion to continue the traditions of excellence, with no excuses.  As we embark upon this new year, let’s jump start our goals and mission.  Please make sure you are ready to hit the ground running because 36 weeks will go by very quickly. “There is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” Colin Powell

     RCTCM students, parents, faculty, and support staff will practice habits of excellence to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding our goals. Thank you in advance for your continued support as we make strides to practice perseverance in the midst of uncertainty at RCTCM. Together, we will continue to work towards our mission: 

    “RCTCM is committed to Educating, Inspiring, and Preparing the students of today to become the skilled professionals of tomorrow.”

    Remember RCSS & RCTCM are not just about earning a diploma, we’re about graduating college and career ready.

    Thank you for your ongoing dedication and support to make this the best learning experience!


    Congratulations Class of 2022!!


    You are welcome to contact me at: ClarkMe@BOE.Richmond.K12.GA.Us