World History

    Teacher: Ms. Daviana R. Harvey

    Phone Number: 706-737-7360

    Room Number: 701

    Email: HarveDa@BOE.richmond.k12.ga.us

    Semester: 2020 - 2021

    Textbook: Class set

    Course Description:

    The high school world history course provides students with a comprehensive, intensive study of major events and themes in world history. Students begin with a study of the earliest civilizations worldwide and continue to examine major developments and themes in all regions of the world. The course culminates in a study of change and continuity and globalization at the beginning of the 21st century.

    Course Content Standards: The curriculum for this course derives from the Georgia Standards of Excellence for World History. There are

    25 content standards. Within the standards there are many embedded content elements.

    Course Outline:

    This course will be cover all of the content standards according to

    The Richmond County School System pacing calendar

    Grading Scale

    100–90 A

    89 –80 B

    79 –70 C

    69 –0 F

    Not Evaluated NE

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    Required Materials:

    • 3 Subject Spiral Notebook
    • Pencil/Pen/Highlighter


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    Evaluation and Grading

    Course Components Weights

    Classwork and Participation




    Lesson Quizzes


    Unit Tests





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    School-wide Expectations:



    With mastery learning, a unit of material is taught, and student understanding is evaluated before students are able to move on to the next unit. Students who have not shown mastery for a particular unit will receive feedback and support in reaching mastery. They may be given practice exercises, study guides, group work or complementary resources to help them improve and achieve mastery. Students who demonstrate mastery of the content for a particular unit are given enrichment exercises like special projects, tasks or academic games to further or broaden their knowledge of the material.


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