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    First let me say how very excited I am to be back at HMS after so many years. A little about myself: I was born and raised right here in Augusta. Having graduated from Hephzibah Highschool. I continued my education by attending Augusta University. I spent a decade in retail and decided it was not for me. I then became a substitue teacher. I was lucky enough to be hired at Gracewood Elementary, in 2011, to work in the PreK program. In 2014, I was asked to move to 1st grade to help with Literacy. During that time I also worked in the Computer lab.  This is my second year as Administrative Assistant here at Hephzibah Middle School.  I met my husband right hare at HMS. Together we have 7 beautiful children who are all products of Richmond County Schools.   We also have 5 amazing grandbabies, 4 who also attend school within the county the other is still too young ;P.  My passion is teaching children; whether at home, church or school. Seeing a child finally understand something he/ she has struggled to "get" makes all the trials worthwhile. When I think of how lucky I am to witness this everyday with our children I am overwhelmed. I consider myself extremely grateful that I have been allowed to return to the halls of where that passion was first ignited to touch the lives of our amazing students here at HMS!