• The vision of the Richmond County School System is “to provide an equitable education for all students to prepare them for life beyond the classroom.” Computer literacy is an important part of today's world - all students need the opportunity to learn to use programs commonly used in the workforce and colleges. The PowerUp initiative uses our education sales tax funds to provide a device for every student. These devices will help assignments to be personalized, engaging, and can increase creativity. This initiative can also provide access to knowledge outside of the classroom. Parents should view the Parent Orientation PowerPoint for guidance on parent requirements and access during the PowerUp 1:1 Device Rollout.

       Parent Requirements: 

      Complete Parents PowerUp Course.

      Go over PowerUp Handbook with your student and sign and return the Student Technology Loan Agreement. 

      Enroll in Optional Device Protection Plan (not required but recommended for your protection in the event device is lost, stolen, or damaged)

      All PHM students must complete the Digital Citizenship Course.