PHM Mission and Belief Statements

  • Pine Hill Middle School Mission 

    The Mission of Pine Hill Middle is to create a structured, safe
    learning environment which actively involves our students,
    their families, and community leaders.


    Pine Hill Middle School Belief Statements
    Middle School Students Experience Success at School When:
    …they have personal connections, are known well by at least one adult, and have connections
    to their peers.
    …they are part of a safe, healthy, and constructive culture; and when the environment fosters
    the creation of the students’ individual identities.
    …they experience a rigorous and relevant curriculum that prepares them for success in high
    school and leaves them confident in their abilities; when the school meets them where they are and
    moves them forward; when academically challenging curriculum is available to all students
    regardless of their background; when they are provided with a curriculum that focuses on process,
    skills, and understanding; and when challenge and extended opportunities are provided for all
    …the teachers are highly qualified, collaborative, and create personal connections with their
    students and their curriculum; and when the teachers value and enjoy this age group and want to
    be there.
    …they progress toward mastery through true, differentiated instruction and when teachers
    know, recognize, and plan for each individual student’s needs.
    …the school encourages student inquiry and self-reflection/assessment.
    …the school provides a comprehensive system of academic and social interventions.
    …the school provides opportunities to practice/develop independence and self-advocacy.
    …the school provides varied opportunities for extra-curricular participation.
    …their families are involved in their academic and social development.